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Ahimsa and Self-Care: How I've Created A Sacred Space In My Bedroom

Hey, there, lovely yogi!

As you might already know, I’ve been taking the Yoga Class Curator and our first month has been diving deep into ahimsa, the first Yama out of the 8 Limbs of Yoga.

Ahimsa is non-harming. It’s caring for all beings. Caring for all things.

I did a much deeper dive into the empowering meaning behind ahimsa along with some self-reflection and realized I’d been aligned with this Yama, especially in my bedroom.

One of ahimsa’s many layers is self-care. I’ve created a space for myself where I’m safe to express who I am and where I’m comfortable recharging. I draw energy from my room.

I love meditating and practicing yoga here. I love connecting to my crystals and reading tarot here. I love coming home and relaxing here. I love typing new blog posts here. I love refreshing and cleansing my energy here so I can connect to higher vibrations. The space is my own.

I’m here to share the ways I practice ahimsa in my room and I encourage you to look at the ways you do as well and the areas you can grow in!

Cleanliness & organization:
Everything has a place in my room. I allow each item to find its home. Books stay with books, makeup stays with makeup, yoga props all together in a tidy corner, etc.

My bed is made every morning and I regularly wash my sheets. I vacuum and dust regularly. I put away miscellaneous clothes.

As I clean, I’m constantly affirming myself about how I’m removing what’s no longer wanted to make space for what’s needed. I’m encouraging myself to let go. I’m welcoming fresh energy.

As I organize, I’m expressing gratitude for all of my things and feeling glad that they each have a little home in my room.

Marie Kondo has also been a great inspiration for my cleaning rituals! I always consider what physical objects bring me joy and if there’s no longer that spark, I release it. I also keep this in mind before I purchase new items. Since I’m a girlie that loves materialistic things but hates clutter, this mindset has kept me in line.

When my space is clean, I feel at ease. Remember, your space is the physical manifestation of your mental state.

We all know I’m a crystal girlie and let me tell you, yogi, my collection has been growing.

I place crystals all over my room so I can attract certain energy. I listen to my intuition when it comes to placing my crystals around my room. Sometimes a crystal will ask to be put on the altar and other times it asks to be placed in a specific corner of my room. Any time a crystal whispers to me, I honor it. I want the crystals to protect me and connect to my unique energy.

I’m intentional about which crystals I put on my altar or under my copper pyramid. All I have to do is take a deep breath and tune into their frequencies to elevate to a higher vibration.

I also love placing my crystal info cards from my Divine Rock Box (this Orlando yoga instructor proudly supports other local small businesses!) so I can easily find any affirmations I need.

Almost every time I grocery shop, I buy myself a new bouquet of flowers. I also love buying little plants and succulents from my favorite small local businesses.

I love the way plants add life to my room. I’ve learned to connect to their different personalities and thank them for the clean, lively energy they add to my space.

I also have to care for them which comes from a place of love and peace. It’s also helped with my mindfulness journey since I make sure I’m completely present when caring for my plant babies.

This ties in heavily with cleanliness - my space always smells good.

Clean scents are so inviting. My room smells airy and fresh.

Any time the energy in my room feels stale or smells dull, I open doors, vacuum, cleanse with incense, and put my diffuser on. I also encourage opening windows if the AC isn’t on, but mine usually is, because, ya know, Florida.

I also love concocting different essential oil blends in my diffuser depending on what my needs are that day. Need calming energy? Lavender-based blends. Need energy? Orange and eucalyptus. Need comfort? Blends with cinnamon.

I get to decide what I want my space to smell like and scents are powerful.

Natural light:
I love how the sun looks as it shines into my room. During the day, the natural lighting in my room is so powerful. It rejuvenates me.

I love the way the sun recharges my crystals and feeds my plants.

I adore how it hits my suncatchers in the afternoon and cascades rainbow flecks all over the room.

Natural light is uplifting and a blessing.

As the girlboss I am, I’m proud to say I’ve purchased all the furniture in my room with my own adult money. Even though some of my pieces are small, I have so much pride in saying I bought them all myself.

It’s an empowering feeling. I created my room exactly the way I wanted it to be with no one else’s help. And as I continue to grow in my career and life, I know I’ll purchase even more pieces like an actual dresser that I’ll take even more pride in.

Intentional with energy:
I’ve become much more careful about who I let into my room. There were times I let anyone in my space if I even remotely enjoyed their company, only to end up feeling irritable and needing to do a deep cleanse of my space.

I’ve worked hard to make my room what it is and I no longer allow low-vibrational beings in here. That in itself is a really empowering choice and it’s also encouraged me to reframe who I value closer relationships with. If I don’t like their energy in my room, I probably shouldn’t be spending that much time with them, right?

My gorgeous yogi friend, I encourage you to do the same with your room or any place you frequently hang out in. The spaces you often spend time in should be inviting and allow you to connect to your highest self.

You deserve a place where you can fill your own cup. I want you to overflow with love, abundance, joy, peace, and all things wonderful. You have the power to channel those higher vibrations by putting care into your space. Set yourself up for success. Be empowered.

Ahimsa is self-care! It’s such a beautiful way to practice yoga off the mat. Yoga is a lifestyle.

I invite you to be intentional with your spaces and your energy. I invite you to practice self-care. I invite you to explore ahimsa in your room. Root yourself in ahimsa so you’re able to grow from it, align to it, and spread it.

I honor that bright, beautiful light inside of you,

Camryn Chernick - Orlando Private Yoga Instructor Blog

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