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Changing With The Seasons: How The Shift In The Air Shifted My Life

Imagine bursting with ideas and swelling with new energy that makes you want to plow forward and fully commit to soaring down your path of life.

Well, friends, I'm currently riding that high.

My draft box is full. My interests are growing. My passion for life is bold. I'm filled with gratitude and appreciation, I know the universe has my back and I'm thrilled that everything is going my way. New opportunities and blessings are pouring in. I'm exploring my divine flow.

What prompted this shift to high-vibe energy, you may ask? The change in weather.

Yes, you read that right. It sounds a little strange hearing it put like that, but let me explain.

I've always felt a close connection to changes in weather, specifically when the seasons are shifting into fall and spring. Those reasons are physical examples of change and transformation.

When I breathe in that refreshing air and welcome the light breeze on my skin, I feel this itch inside me to completely transform my life.

For years and years, I itched to make these bold and glorious changes but I was always trapped. Honestly, being trapped then wasn't my fault. For real, what was I going to do? Drop out of high school and run away? I don't think so. This meant, unfortunately, I was stuck in my current realities, and most of the time, it confused and overwhelmed me which dragged me into dark places. But that's a whole other story and life lesson.

Now though, as an adult that's moved out of her parents' house and has been finding her own path, I've finally been able to lean into that epic desire to change along with the seasons. Finally, I welcomed that shift in energy.

After my DCP ended, I found a full-time job that was fun for a while, but a few months in I knew I had to get out of there. My energy was plummeting and there was nowhere for me to grow career-wise or mentally.

I knew I needed to look into new opportunities and I was going to do it on my conditions. For years the people around me made me feel like I had to find a job so urgently, encouraged me to settle for something that did not serve me, and refused to accept that their visions didn't align with mine. They always guided me as far away from my vision as possible. They subconsciously guided me toward misery. Before I lived in Florida, I had no choice but to navigate those low vibrations.

But not this time. I didn't tell those low-vibe people about my new ambitions. I fearlessly looked for a job I knew would guide me in the direction of my divine path. I held space for this new change and trusted the timeline I was on.

It wasn't always easy trusting that timeline. Honestly, finding this career shift took a little longer than expected meaning I was in a draining job environment for longer than desired. But I kept trusting that the Universe was making my manifestations a reality. I was going to change with the season.

And here I am! I did it! I made the next shift in my journey! I changed with the seasons! Finally, I could breathe in that refreshing air and know that I fearlessly pursued an opportunity for my growth completely on my terms. I'm growing with the seasons just like I've been itching to do for YEARS.

You might be thinking "Camryn, what did you do? What was the change? Tell me already!" Okay! I will! I really wanted to emphasize my spiritual journey with change and its connection to the fall and spring before I exposed that info to you.

Buuuuut...back in November I started fitness instructing full-time at a luxury resort! I get to teach all types of yoga and fitness classes to guests that inspire me to manifest more money all while being surrounded by gorgeous scenery. I have the freedom to make my fitness schedule the way I feel is best and I have the freedom to run my classes the way I'd like. I'm carving the way for myself. I've entered the next chapter of my life adventure and I am so proud. As I've been exploring potential careers, I've realized holistic healing is the way I want to go.

I had people telling me that I couldn’t do it. I remember being in college and having someone telling me that my dream would lead me to live in a box because I would never be successful with what I wanted and I would hate Florida. I cut that hater off, don't worry. But yikes, for a while, those words cut deep. And yet, here I am living the life I want and blossoming into my adulthood the way I want to.

Oh, but getting a new job has only been part of the fun. We already know I've started my Etsy shop! And I have more plans for that...stay tuned yogis. The small business is growing.

I'm also really bursting with ideas. When my environment shifts into something more empowering and where I'm encouraged to grow, it seems like my brain gets activated. Do you know how many blog drafts I've created these past few months? I have posts and sub-posts that just need to get cleaned up and published. The content in my head has been begging to be typed out.

I have to give myself some compassion for not being on top of my blogging and content game though. I've been living my life full of joy away from my laptop and at other times I'm fighting brain fog, making it difficult to write what I would consider top-tier articles.

Yogis, we have so much to look forward to. Posts about crystals? Yes. More about my spirit guide? Yep. Life lessons? Oh, yeah. Empowerment tools? Mhm.

I may not have been writing, but believe me, I've been learning and flowing.

I'm wishing this same energy on you.

I love you and I'm grateful you're here.

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