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How to Set an Intention in Yoga

I start all of my yoga classes in a meditation where we take a moment to connect to our breath, settle into the present, and set an intention.

What is an intention? It's anything you'd like to dedicate your energy and practice to.

It's important to set an intention because the Universe responds to movement. When you focus your energy on something and begin flowing, you let the Universe know you mean business.

Setting intentions also make your practice richer because yoga is so much more than just the physical poses. Yoga gives you the space to connect to your highest self, remember that the divine light inside of you is one with the Universe, and bring you to a higher vibration.

What are some examples of intentions you can set?

  • A goal you're manifesting

  • Mantras: I relax and let go, I allow myself to heal, I am strong, I give thanks to the Universe, etc.

  • Words: Peace, tranquility, focus, power, breathe, flow, gratitude, etc.

  • The energy you need: healing, calming, motivation, guidance from the Universe, etc.

  • Color: choose a color that connects to a specific chakra, or just a color that makes you happy while you're on the mat

  • Places: maybe you visualize a place you want to go, a place that brings you joy, or a place that needs a little extra love right now

  • A person/furry friend: this can be a person you love dearly, a person who needs some love sent their way, someone you're trying to let go of, etc.

Your intention can really be anything.

You can tune that energy into yourself or you can send your energy out to someone. Your intention could even be as simple as dedicating your energy to your homework after you're done with your yoga class.

Take a moment to set an intention right now. Big inhale...big exhale...close your eyes.

What are you feeling in your mind and body? What do you think you need from the Universe to allow you to get through the rest of your day with ease?

What's the first thing that comes to your head when you think about what you'd like your intention to be? What do you want your energy to be dedicated to?

Tap into that first reaction without judgment. Allow your intention to fill you up.

Once you open your eyes, use your intention to guide you throughout the rest of your day. Maybe you even write it down or put it on a reminder in your phone so you regularly see it.

My intention for you is to have read this whole post and leave feeling filled with new knowledge that betters your quality of life.

Everything you need is right inside you! Hold your intention in your heart and take on the rest of your day.

Namaste, Camryn

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