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How To Turn Your Phone Into Your Vision Board

Hey, yogi!

This is a reminder to disinfect your phone. Don’t lie to me, bestie, you haven’t disinfected your phone in a hot minute…Take a moment to grab a wipe and rejoin me here when you’re germ-free.

Did you clean your phone?

Great! Welcome back.

We’re giving our phones some extra love today. Why? Because we are attached to our phones! You’re most likely reading this from your phone right now. You probably keep your phone on you at all times or at least keep it close. How’s that screen time looking for ya?

I’m not here to shame you and your cellphone addiction! I’m also attached to my device. But our phones can be such a powerful tool if we just put in a little time to make a few changes.

We look at our phones more than we look at anything else during the day. Do you know how crazy that is? Which is why…drum roll, please…you need to make turn your phone into a vision board!

Think about it. If you’re looking at visuals of your goals and your favorite mantras all day, they’re sure to manifest! It’s all about being intentional with your energy.

Alright, yogi, let’s get started on your phone’s makeover. Here’s what I did.

We all know what a Canva stan and Pinterest addict I am. I got clear with my goals in various areas: health, career, wardrobe, self-care, yoga, traveling, and home, then scoured Pinterest for pictures that aligned with my visions. I also found a few pics of my role models and my perfect little doggie since he’s the fluffy love of my life.

Once I was happy with the pictures, I uploaded them to Canva and arranged them until I liked them. I removed the background in some, layered others, and added little graphics.

I also uploaded my design to PicsArt because I love the app’s glitter brushes. It’s the little touches that make the vision board wallpaper feel like it’s truly mine!

Now, I don’t know about you Andriod people…but for iPhones, every single app cover can be changed through Shortcuts.

This is a game changer when creating the right vibe for your phone. I wanted my phone to be a visual representation of divine feminine energy, cosmic energy, and a reminder that I am a bold, beautiful, spiritual goddess full of love and light.

In my last post about my yoga paintings, I mentioned my new favorite spiritual artists. I used lots of their images as my app covers.

I also took advantage of the widgets by putting up larger images of my favorite art pieces, my pup, and my friends. I love looking at the faces of the people I love! It also makes a lot of sense to have my pup and friends on my phone vision board because I love them and love is the highest frequency.

Moving on from app covers, I still have a few folders. Instead of using names like “stuff” and “productivity”, I changed the names to mantras that are relevant to the apps inside.

For example, all my money-handling apps are in a folder labeled “I am rich”. Now, each time I scroll past that folder or click it, I repeat that mantra in my head. And so it is. ;)

I'm a firm believer in transforming your phone into your vision board. I’ve had my wallpaper set for a couple of years now, making tweaks to my visions here and there as my goals have shifted, but the app covers and mantra folders are a new addition that I absolutely adore. My phone now has constant reminders about the vibrations I want to align myself with.

If you'd rather find an image that resonates with you to change to your lock screen and support a small business in the process, then I have some wonderful news for you. I launched my Etsy shop called The Artsy Yogi.

I have some digital download wallpapers for you to enjoy! Your support means a lot to me. :)

Yogi, you are so powerful! Use the resources you already have at your fingertips to harness that power. The Universe has your back so start manifesting your dreams, no matter how big or small.

I believe in you!

The light from within me bows to the light within you,

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