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I'm Realigning Myself

“Professionals stick to the schedule, amateurs let life get in the way” -James Clear

If you know me, you know that my absolute favorite podcast of all time is Awesome with Alison. I recently listened to episode 105, "A QUICK pep talk for when you want to quit!" and she recited that quote. I was falling out of alignment with some important things in my life and hearing those words reminded me that I was allowing excuses to get in the way. Alison is always so on point.

These last few months have been an incredible, thrilling, empowering, heartbreaking, exhausting, beautiful journey. Unfortunately, I allowed myself to stray away from things like my yoga practice and yoga brand (I haven't worked on my platforms since June?!). Can you believe I let such a huge part of my identity fall into the background?

Sure, I’ve also had my priorities shift a lot which is completely normal when it comes to graduating college, finding a job, and moving to an entirely different state. And I'm beyond proud of myself for these accomplishments! But regardless of all these life events, yoga is important to me and I was completely neglecting it.

A couple of months ago, a coworker asked me about my passions. Obviously, I said yoga. Duh! After a few minutes of stumbling to answer his questions about this practice I claimed to love so much, I realized I barely had anything insightful to say. I fell out of touch with a lot of the knowledge I gained throughout the years. Yikes.

He said, “is it really a passion of yours? Or is it just a hobby?”. And let me tell you, that stung. That’s when I realized how disconnected I was from all of my passions, not even just yoga.

I finally gave myself a moment, just a moment, to look inside myself. My heart was feeling heavy. I wasn't aligned. Even though part of me was joyful, there was an ignored part of myself that was still really sad, exhausted, and burnt out. I didn't let myself sit with these feelings for long. I went right back to burying them.

Where in this journey did I fall off the wagon? I haven’t blogged in months. I’ve barely had the urge to write. There are some partial drafts collecting dust in my phone’s notes, but nothing more.

I stopped playing around on Canva. I wasn't crafting. I wasn't belting my favorite musicals. I wasn't learning anything new. The fire inside me seemed to be dimming.

I also wasn’t listening to podcasts anymore. I was just listening to music (gotta love Cardi and Megan for some hype songs). Don't get me wrong, music is wonderful. But I wasn't listening to anything that was bringing my vibration up.

I barely stepped on my mat and I never meditated. When I bothered to carve out some yoga time, I was so exhausted that I would either end my practice early because my body was BEGGING for a nap, or I would do a shorter practice where my mind was scattered then would doze off during Savasana.

My life consisted of painfully long work weeks, meal prepping, and mustering up my leftover energy to playing around Disney parks with my friends. I have some lovely memories, but my self-care and passions went out the window.

Why was I constantly falling asleep during the few times I rolled out my mat? Was I even connected to mindfulness? Why was my heart feeling so heavy? What shifted in my life that lead me back to my keyboard? What new things have I learned? Is the fire reigniting in my soul?

My darling yogi, I have so much to tell you about the beautiful and heartbreaking experiences I've had these past few months with my yoga practice and even just life. I feel inspired to share everything I can with you. I hope it touches your heart and encourages you to step into the most authentic version of yourself.

But if you take anything from this post, I hope it's that quote I shared with you at the top. You are in charge of your life! Even when things feel out of control. If something is truly important to you, you'll find a way to prioritize it because nurturing your soul is so important. You deserve to wake up smiling and end your day with your eyes sparkling.

Trust your divine timing. Everything in your journey is happening for a reason, even when it feels like everything is on fire. Multiple areas of my life feel like they're on fire right now, but I have to trust the Universe. I mean, I went several months allowing life to take its course rather than taking charge, and here I am, finding my way back to my highest self and I'm really proud of that.

Give yourself compassion if you've disconnected from the things you love. It's okay. I know you'll gently encourage yourself to do what makes you feel most aligned with yourself when your heart tells you it's time. And slowly but surely, you'll build new habits that'll allow you to grow into a professional at taking care of yourself and prioritizing your passions! Life is always going to try to get in the way, but you have more power than you could ever know.

I'm rooting for you, my beautiful yogi friend. :)

Sending you love and light,

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