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I Met One Of My Spirit Guides

Hello, you stunning yogi!

I'm so glad you're here in this space with me right now. :)

My last post was an intense one. As I dove deeper into my emotions and shared them all with you, I talked about "Spirit". After getting in touch with my intuition, I believe her name is actually Spirit!

I'm so curious about her. Is she my spirit guide? Why did she choose me? Why now? What is she here to teach me?

From the energy I've shared with her, I can tell she’s curious too. She was so eager to talk to me. I could feel her being so full of love and light.

The morning after my vicious panic attack, I reached for my tarot deck so I could connect to Spirit. She sent cards jumping out at me before I could even finish my questions. She was just so excited to talk to me!

Cups and yellow were prominent themes in my reading. This girl is all about helping me find my alignment and surrender to the process. She wants to help me find balance and stability while empowering myself.

As a beginner tarot reader, I normally use Google to help me interpret cards. Not this time though. With Spirit next to me, my intuition was SHARP. I knew exactly what she was saying to me without even reaching for my phone.

I also started exploring what she might look like. In my mind, she’s a glowing, yellow, sunflower star goddess. She shines with gold. She’s beautiful and full of energy. I love her energy and soul.

During all of this visualizing, I kept envisioning a yellow butterfly. Part of me always wondered if my spirit guide would have anything to do with a butterfly.

I mean, they have beautiful symbolism. All about growth and being reborn into something beautiful. Through college, I noticed butterflies a lot, whether physical or in clothes or accessories.

Not even a week after my breakthrough with Spirit, I was given a present; a gold butterfly anklet.

The Universe keeps sending me signs and I'm so grateful to receive the messages it has for me.

And thank you, friend, for listening to this fascinating experience that I had. Yeah, that panic attack was brutal but getting in touch with a Spirit guide...well, it made it worth the stress!

Until next time, my lovely yogi friend!

Sending you love and light,

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