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Morning Mantras & Affirmations To Add To Your Morning Routine

The actions you take in the morning have a strong influence on how your day is going to go. Take advantage of that! This is your time to give yourself a powerful start.

Being intentional with the ways we speak to ourselves is impactful. That’s why mantras and affirmations are such incredible tools.

Mantras and affirmations are phrases that we declare to ourselves.

You have the power to influence your day. Taking 1 minute in the morning to sprinkle positive vibes on your attitude is a game changer.

Repetition is key, friends! You want to keep repeating these words to yourself until you speak or think them into existence. Your words are more powerful than you know.

How to use your mantras:

If you’re someone who checks their phone the moment your eyes open, I encourage you to use your favorite mantras as your lock screen wallpaper. That way, your intentions are the first thing you engage with.

If you don’t want to change your wallpaper, I don’t blame you. My wallpaper is a picture of my dog curled up on my bed. It’s too cute to change! Instead, you can set daily reminders up and time them to pop up when your alarm goes off. That way, you can still read them every morning.

And for the people who don’t even think about their phones when the sun rises, I applaud you! Phone addictions are hard to beat. You can print out a picture of your favorite affirmations and place them where you’ll see them as soon as you get up.

Another fantastic way to practice affirmations is by grabbing your favorite notebook and writing them down each morning.

Here are some of my favorite morning mantras:

Mantras & Affirmations to start the day

  • I am rejuvenated

  • I am so grateful and excited for the day ahead

  • Today is a great day

  • I am grounded

  • I release any stress

Mantras & Affirmations About Productivity/Work

  • Today I’ll accomplish my to-do list with ease

  • My productivity does not prove my worth

  • I have an amazing job that fulfills my soul

  • I am successful

Mantras for Self Love

  • I am who I am

  • I am exactly where I need to be

  • I am powerful

  • I trust the timing of my journey

  • I am worthy

Pick as many of these as you’d like and repeat them to yourself first thing in the morning. Don’t be afraid to use them as many times as you’d like throughout the day! You can even hang your favorite up on your wall to continue reminding yourself.

If you plan to step on your yoga mat, whether it’s as soon as you pull off your covers or during the day when you need a stretch break, you’re always welcome to use your favorite mantra as the intention for your practice. Using your practice is a beautiful way to cultivate more of the energy you’re seeking.

Remember, you are a bold and beautiful human being that has control over your reality! Step into that power.

Sending you love and light,

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