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Reiki Level 1: My certification and practice experience

My darling yogi friend!!

Guess what?

I’m officially Reiki Level 1 certified!

And let me just tell you, in the training alone, I already experienced the powerful healing properties this practice has.

Buckle up, bestie, and get ready to read about that power.

As I’ve been diving deeper into my holistic health journey, I learned that allergies are also often linked to something spiritual. A resistance to something.

I remember expressing to an ENT a few years back that my sinus issues were stress related. He brushed this off and said I had an allergic-looking nose after my examination and yet, we couldn’t find the trigger. Hmm.

The allergy spray helped me a little, but as I dove deeper into the holistic realm, I learned that the sinuses hold grief and anger.

Fast forward to me moving out of my parent’s house, my sinuses dramatically improved since I was far away from the main grief and anger triggers.

Even after moving out, I’ve had a few allergy spouts. That allergy fatigue is no joke! It didn’t matter how much I slept, I still needed more. The brain fog was miserable during the hours I was forced to keep my eyes open.

In the days leading up to my Reiki training, I experienced another round of allergy fatigue. Honestly, it was so bad I was worried I would barely be functioning for this training I’d manifested for so long.

My sinuses were heavy through the training and I wanted to scratch my red eyes.

Finally, we reached the self-healing Reiki session that immediately followed our attunements.

I gently placed my hands over my eyes and I felt the energy pushing me back into my chair to the point I was afraid of falling back. I experienced the same sensation as my hands traveled to different key spots.

When I placed my hands at the back of my head, I felt an intense sensation at the base of my skull where I often experienced allergy tension.

After just a few minutes of self-healing, my energy was higher and my congestion started alleviating.

Then, we practiced Reiki on one another.

By the time the session was over, I felt like a new woman! I was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. My headache was only a memory. Reiki healed those extreme symptoms effortlessly.

Now that it’s been several days, I can confirm that I’ve only felt better! Even my energy bounced back and I’ve been able to put my Starbucks addiction on hold.

It’s an honor to be able to perform such a healing practice on myself and others and I’m excited that my holistic healing practice is growing!

Sending you love and light,

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