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Satya: Speak Your Truth

Hey, yogi!

It’s an honor to have you here today.

We’re going to dive right into our second Yama, Satya. If you’re not familiar with Ahimsa, which is the first Yama, click here.



Truthfulness is about more than not lying.

Satya requires being honest with yourself about your thoughts and experiences. Satya involves self-validation. Satya is allowing yourself to step into your light and be authentic.

You don’t have to shrink yourself down to fit in other people’s comfort zones. You’re lying to yourself and others when you try to fit into a mold.

If you’re experiencing pain, heartbreak, trauma, sadness, grief, or any other emotion that weighs you down, you don’t have to suppress that. Those experiences are your truth. You don’t have to pretend to be happy all the time. You’re allowed to heal and grow from the things that hurt you.

Stand your ground when having difficult conversations. You don’t have to shy away or hide your opinions because someone else is telling you to.

Speak loud and clear when standing up for something you believe in. These are your values. These are your truths!

It’s not always easy sticking to your truth. When you’re facing constant invalidation and backlash, straying away from Satya feels inevitable.

But think about the impact embodying Satya has. Thousands of people are reminding ignorant individuals that Black Lives DO matter and are amplifying the voices of BIPOC. People are standing their ground by wearing masks and it’s saving lives.

Sharing our experiences and talents with the world is a necessity. By stepping into our truths, we encourage others to do the same.

Share your gifts. Speak boldly. Stand up for what you believe in. Express yourself freely.

Allow yourself to be guided by the divine light inside of you because that light is who you truly are.



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