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Sunshine Journal: Reminding Myself That There's No Rush

My dearest, darlingest yogi,

Every time I feel a shift in my life, I feel compelled to write about it.

I’ve noticed a common theme in my writing…I tend to feel all over the place. Ideas are constantly flooding my head and I still strongly desire to share advice and my experiences with the world so other people like you can resonate with it and grow along with me.

The other common theme I’ve noticed is that I don’t always feel like I’m in a flow state.

I can’t even tell you the number of times I’ve gotten on my laptop only to close it minutes later out of frustration. How is it that my brain is filled with ideas but I can’t compose them?

Honestly, I’ve felt really overwhelmed lately. I’ve put an immense amount of pressure on myself and that sucks the fun out of my passions. I have this teeny tiny bad habit of putting way too much on my plate and then getting stuck in a paralysis state.

What’s on my plate you ask? Well, the most obvious would be writing on my blog and creating yoga content…sometimes that feels like a chore rather than a joy even though I love writing. There’s also my Yoga Class Curator Training. I signed up for an Ayurvedic Nutritionist certification because I found a fantastic deal on it but haven’t started it. I also want to deepen my Reiki practice now that I’m Level 1. Plus I’ve been working on my Etsy shop! And let’s not forget that I’m trying to deepen my knowledge about crystals and tarot so I can expand my knowledge of spirituality.

And that’s just the stuff I’ve assigned to myself! What about work? Seeing my friends? Reading? My other hobbies?

Ugh. The thing is, I know I do this to myself. I also know that if I don’t finish all these things in the timeline I’ve assigned to myself, nothing bad will happen.

In fact, that’s what brings me here today. I’ve been sick lately. So sick in fact that all I’ve had the capacity to do is sleep and watch TikToks. I’m finally feeling better and all of a sudden, I found myself getting frustrated at my Cricut designs and being unable to enjoy a yoga flow.

The moment my energy levels started going up, I put the pressure back on myself. And for what?!

Yogi, if you also put too much pressure on yourself and have workaholic tendencies, I hear you.

I have some mantras that help me navigate this and I’m happy to share them with you. Here you go, yogi! “My productivity does not define my worth” and “Doing more does not make me more”.

Repeat them. Yes, you! Repeat them!

You are whole as you are. You’re a gift to this world. You have a gorgeous bright light inside of you. You don’t have to prove anything.

I have to remind myself of those same things all the time. I’ve also been tuning in to find what brings me back to that state of flow.

Writing blog posts based on SEO? Important but sometimes sucks the fun out of writing. To me, this is almost like a journal where I can hopefully touch one heart, even if it’s my own. If the algorithm doesn’t like my posts, fine. I’m here to spread love and light, not gain a million subscribers. Although that would be cool…

So here I am. Writing freely. No expectations. No keywords. Just flow.

And right now, my body isn’t craving Asana. You know what it wants? To dance! You can meditate and release energy through other forms of movement! Dancing is a beautiful way to tap into your divine feminine energy.

I also got bored of TikTok. Do you know what I want right now? Stories. Reading. Watching shows. Romance movies in countries abroad. This life is about exploration! Immersing myself in the world of different characters inspires me to find new experiences and encourages me to romanticize my life.

And as I continue to romanticize and heal myself, I hope to inspire others. I want to glow and spread radiant energy wherever I go so the people around me feel safe to do the same. The world can be brutal, unjust, and cruel. If I can add a little sunshine, I will.

Still, I sometimes spiral into the thought patterns of needing to watch and read everything all at once and constantly be feeling my best so I can spread love and that I need to do all the things and and and!...but that sucks the joy out of it. That mindset shifts your focus outward instead of inward. So any time I notice that spiral, I express compassion to myself. This is for fun! It’s for me! There’s no rush and there’s no pressure. I’m allowed to flow at my own pace and feel at peace.

I also remind myself that it’s incredible I even have the opportunity to explore these things. There are so many beautiful things in this world all just waiting to be discovered. There are so many people I haven’t met that will be beautiful additions to my life. There are so many incredible experiences that I haven’t even had yet.

I spent the majority of college believing that no good things were coming. I truly believed I was trapped and was destined to be miserable for the rest of my life and that there was no way out to the point I didn’t even see the value of living and almost acted on it. I finally escaped those thoughts when I moved away from my old life in New Jersey. I finally believe down to my core again that life is a beautiful thing.

I’ve also learned so much more about myself as I’ve discovered the version of myself as a single woman. We all know I’m a hopeless romantic, but I can’t express enough how valuable being single is. I love learning who I am and constantly redefining my standards so I can attract the best partner possible for me in this lifetime.

The love of my life is literally walking this earth right now and I know I’ll meet him in the Universe’s perfect timing. So I’m in no rush! I’ll meet as many wonderful people as possible, have lots of adventures, and when the time comes to vow to the love of my life, I’ll feel light and free and aligned.

There’s no rush.

I know I’m telling you there’s no rush, but that’s not always easy to accept in a world that’s so quickly moving forward and pressuring you to bulldoze forward at the same pace to the point where you feel you’re barely keeping your head above water.

But when we’re rushing, our attention is outward. That’s when we feel anxious, overwhelmed, depressed, and any other low vibrations.

Tune inward, my love. Slow down. Become comfortable with your own thoughts. You’re much more incredible than you give yourself credit for. Allow yourself to take a deep breath and explore that.

I love you so much.

You’re doing amazing. You deserve to slow down and flow. You deserve a gorgeous, romantic life. I’m so grateful the Universe put you here.

You’ve got this. There’s no rush. You’re right on time.

Sending you love and light,

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