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The Artsy Yogi: An Etsy Shop for Spiritual and Yoga Printables

Updated: Mar 22

Friend. Friend!

This is a really exciting moment for me. Drum roll, please...I have an Etsy shop!

I call her The Artsy Yogi.

The Artsy Yogi started as an idea in one of my entrepreneurship classes. I thought it would be so cool if I could create spiritual artwork that could one day be displayed in studios around the globe.

The project was so in-depth that I was almost ready to launch the business right there and then! But felt that I would be investing a lot of broke-college-girl money on canvases and paints in the hope that someone would buy them all while transitioning into post-grad life might not have been the best idea.

So I stored The Artsy Yogi in the back of my mind. I knew one day that I would love to have my own shop and create my own yoga collection, like mats, yoga bags, and artwork, but that didn't seem like the right move at the time.

Being the Pinterest addict I am, more and more content started popping up about digital prints and passive income. As an obsessor of Canva, I thought that maybe this could be an interesting route for me to explore.

I started creating digital prints in 2021. I published 2 to my Etsy shop but didn't tell anyone. Honestly, I only thought 1 came out nicely but I was trying to get the ball rolling.

I had unfinished printables piling up in my Canva folders, but none seemed purchase-worthy. If I'm going to put in all this time creating a product that's supposed to complement my yoga business, I wanted my digital prints to hold a lot more value.

Months went by. I got a new job. I moved. New priorities came up. The Etsy shop was collecting dust.

Every once and a while I played around with new ideas for digital planners and pages, but I got overwhelmed and uninspired over and over.

It wasn't until I got a whirlwind of painting inspiration that my creative juices started flowing. I felt more aligned with my purpose and creativity. The designs started pouring out of me.

My favorite creations are my phone wallpapers. I LOVE the wallpapers I listed. And apparently, other people do too because I even made a few sales from strangers! STRANGERS!!!

I spoke about this in my last post, and I'm more than happy to bring it up again: your phone is such a powerful manifestation tool!

I know my shop is small right now (assuming you're reading this in real-time). I have a lot of ideas for her. But I thought it was better to just bite the bullet and show off the products I do have rather than wait for the "right" moment to bring my new business into the world.

The most important thing is to just start! Go fearlessly after your goals! Don't be afraid to learn and pivot as you go!

So, what can we expect for the future of The Artsy Yogi?

More phone wallpapers for sure. I'm a firm believer in using your phone as a tool rather than a doom-scrolling device. Plus I've been having a blast creating those wallpaper sets.

Continuing on the digital side, be on the lookout for affirmation cards, wall art printables, bullet journal pages, and planners.

And much further down the line, you can expect physical products! I would love to create customized shirts, bags, and even tumblers designed with love to remind you that you are a radiant goddess.

My goal with my business, both digital and (one day) physical, is to design products that constantly remind beautiful people, like you, that they are powerful, divine, spiritual beings capable of having it all.

Stay tuned!

Thank you, friend, for supporting me and my new business. If purchasing isn't your cup of tea right now, no worries. You can still show this yogi some love and support by favoriting my shop and favoring any items you might want to purchase in the future.

While we're on the topic, if you haven't already, please subscribe to my blog and follow me on my socials. It helps small businesses like mine get attention. :)

Thank you for following along with my journey. I love being able to share my hopes, dreams, experiences, and advice with you.

The light within me bows to the light within you,

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