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The Sunshine Yogi - Rebranding my Orlando, Florida Based Private Yoga Class Platforms

Hello, my gorgeous yogi friend!

Guess what? I’ve rebranded!

Welcome to The Sunshine Yogi! Formerly Yoga With Camryn.

Why the change? I’m so glad you asked.

I needed to stand out
“Yoga with *insert name here*” is so common. Don't get me wrong, that sort of brand name has its charm! I love how straight to the point it is, but when it comes to my personal brand, it says nothing about me. Yes, we know I teach yoga. We know my name is Camryn. But what else? Besides…there’s also another instructor that shares my name somewhere out in the world. I want to stand out when someone is searching me up, not have to fight to be seen.

I wanted a brand that picked up my personality
When other people describe me, the most common words I hear are cute, bubbly, and a little ray of sunshine. These kind words touch my heart and I have to say, I agree with them. I strive to align myself with my highest self and she’s a bold, beautiful ray of sunshine. I’m also super cute. ;)

Orlando , Florida - Vinyasa, Restorative, Yin, Power, Barre, Slow Flow, Aqua Fitness
Furthermore, I chose a color palette filled with pinks and yellows because they’re bright, warm, and welcoming, and also happen to be some of my favorite colors.

I want my clients to know who their instructor is just by browsing my website. I pride myself on having radiant, cheerful energy and I also pride myself on being welcoming, healing, and calming.

My goal was to capture all of those different aspects in this rebrand.

Ready to get into the more personal meaning behind the brand change?

Let’s dive deeper into sunshine and the color yellow. Remember my post about meeting my spirit guide and starting to explore that aspect of my spirituality? Well, ICYMI, Spirit is a dazzling yellow, sun-bursting, butterfly goddess that humbly guides me. I’m strongly connected to her energy and she encourages that radiance to burst out of this gift of a human body I have.

I’m also exploring a strong connection I have with the crystal citrine. This is a gorgeous yellow crystal that’s aligned with the vibrations of abundance, self-empowerment, and rejuvenation.

Additionally, I've dedicated a lot of energy towards healing my Solar Plexus Chakra. What color is the Solar Plexus Chakra? You guessed it! Yellow! This chakra is located between the navel and heart and influences gut instinct, creativity, personal power, and digestive fire. It’s taken years for me to harness that bold, fiery energy that felt extinguished for so long, but I’ve worked hard to align this chakra again and I believe my current attunement with it directly contributes to refreshing my yoga practice and teaching.

I Am Radiant
This has been one of my absolute favorite mantras lately! I feel filled with sunshine and dazzling, bright energy when I use it. I picture sunbeams shining from every corner of my body and feel myself glowing with a warm, welcoming, authentic aura.

This mantra inspired my first cup on my Etsy shop! Oh, you didn’t know I had a shop? Well, bestie, I suggest you head over there. It’s only been growing with more yoga resources and spirituality tools!

The Logo
Can we talk about how cute the logo is? I designed it myself on Canva! And we’re going to break it down.
The Sunshine Yogi - Camryn Chernick - Orlando, Florida-based private yoga teacher - yoga classes in Orlando Camryn Chernick The Sunshine Yogi - Orlando based yoga instructor
I chose a low crescent lunge as my pose because it’s grounding, heart-opening, and a beautiful way to release.

When I’m flowing on the mat during my practice, I love to visualize emitting a bright, gold light shining from my heart and emitting from my whole body or I imagine energy flowing around me as it follows each of my movements. That’s why I have the golden light and sparkles beaming from my heart that moves in the direction of the sun in my logo. I feel low crescent lunges are a wonderful way to channel that energy.

I started harnessing my energy with these visualizations after discovering one of my favorite artists, Lucia Dami. Her stunning art is inspired by The High Priestess and is constantly inspiring me to connect to my inner High Priestess. Even just glancing at her art, I feel empowered. When I apply that feeling to my yoga practice on and off the mat, I feel myself glowing from the inside to the out.

It’s a blessing to be filled with sunshine and I’m so grateful I get to spread that radiance through teaching yoga. Every single one of us has a light inside of us. The light in me sees and honors the light inside of you.

Thank you for being here with me today, yogi. Thank you for sharing your energy with me and for supporting me through this rebrand. I’m excited to see how else my practice will grow.

In this season of growth, I’ve also been taking other courses and learning more about yoga and holistic healing which you can read all about here.

Sending you love and light,
The Sunshine Yogi

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