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The Universe Guiding Me Thru Romantic Relationships: Synchronicities, Intuition, & A Broken Crystal

Updated: May 14

Yogi, if there's one thing about me it's that I'm a hopeless romantic. I believe in love so much.
I also strongly believe dream relationships are possible and that I can manifest the perfect partner for me. I also encourage those that confide in me about love to keep their standards clear and high because they deserve the best of the best, especially when it comes to sharing their life with someone.

Relationships of any kind are big energy exchanges, especially romantic ones.
Since entering my single phase, I've learned a lot about myself, what I will and won't tolerate, and how I choose to define relationships.

Back in December, I unexpectedly met a wonderful man that I felt was a positive addition to my life. Let’s call him Mr. Sag (he’s a Sagittarius).

Instantly the Universe started sending me signs. That day I felt a positive shift in my energy. I noticed multiple synchronicities like us living in the same town in NJ for a while, even though we never crossed paths. That same night we met, I saw a cast member sporting a name tag with the same name as Mr. Sag. Everything was lining up.

The first few weeks were beautiful. I looked forward to spending time with him and had lists full of more ways we could continue our adventures while getting to know each other.

Suddenly, there was a shift. Don’t panic! This has nothing to do with his character! He treated me with kindness and respect!! But there was definitely a negative shift.

I felt distant from him no matter what I did. I felt drained. Disconnected. Irritable. How did this change so quickly?

I fought it for a little. After all, I felt so passionate only weeks before. It didn’t make sense. The Universe gave me him, right?

Well, my beautiful yogi friend, the Universe sometimes sends people into our lives for a short while just to teach us a lesson.

Here’s how the rest of the story unravels:

One night, Mr. Sag strongly reacted to a trigger. As he was in bed curled into a ball, his eyes bloodshot from streaming tears, I held his shaking body and listened to him process his emotions. This wasn’t the first time I’d experienced him working through his mental health battles, but this was by far the worst moment I’d seen him fight through.

This time, it was too much. I held space for his emotions but it took the largest toll yet on me. My heart and throat chakra began to tighten, just as they used to when I was fighting through my own dark place when it almost seemed I had no way out.

I didn’t want to absorb that energy. In an effort to release it, I grabbed my special crescent moon-shaped flower lace agate.

Let me tell you, yogi, that little crystal and I have a special connection. The first time I truly experienced her power was when she was in my pocket and suddenly, in the middle of my work day, I felt the front of my hip burning. Yes, burning. Like I went “OW” and reached into my pocket only to find my flower lace agate to be the culprit. None of my other crystals besides her held that same heat. There were a few times after that I felt her heat up to protect me.

I digress.

I took my crystal and tucked her in my bra so she was snug on top of my heart chakra. I felt an ease in my energy. I kept the crystal in my bra the following day as well.

On the third day of the crystal resting on my heart chakra, she fell out softly. I was teaching yoga so she fell close to the mat but I found it strange. I was wearing my highest-impact sports bra and the crystal was really snug. How could she have fallen?

I placed her back but moments later, she slipped out again. I held it in my left hand, took a deep breath, and listened.

She whispered to my intuition softly, “You don’t need me on your heart anymore. I’ve given you all the energy you need. You can place me back with the others.”

Of course, she was right. My energy felt much cleaner and lighter since I’d connected to her. I put her back in the little crystal pouch I carry in my bag.

Later on, my watch read 222.

Crystal clear intuition and an angel number? The Universe was up to something.

That same night, Mr. Sag and I decided to spend some unexpected time together. What was supposed to be a lighthearted evening turned into another area of tension and disagreement.

Together, we quickly came to the conclusion that we were no longer compatible and that being together hasn’t been fair to either of us.

As we sat in his car discussing the beginning of an end, 222 and 777 were along his dash.

The conversation was difficult and teary. We held hands the whole time. Although it was terribly sad, there was also so much respect and understanding, and support.

During my drive home, I saw the number 777 again. And once I pulled into my house, I reached into my relatively empty bag only to find my flower lace agate had broken in two!

At first I was upset. My favorite crystal was broken! But when me who quieted, I remembered that when a crystal is full of energy and serves its purpose, it breaks. My precious flower lace agate stuck with me through this process and guided my energy along the way.

It felt crazy seeing how quickly everything fell together and then fell apart, but I believe the Universe allowed Mr. Sag and I to share a relationship because we both needed to learn something.

I learned to listen to the Universe, trust its timing, and that there doesn’t have to be some dramatic reason for a breakup; people are allowed to uncouple when the situation is no longer healthy.

My dear yogi, I hope you learn to listen to your intuition and the Universe as well. I hope you feel healing and the protective energy all around you. And I hope you learn how to refine your standards for any sort of relationship in your life.

And in case you were wondering where my beloved flower lace agate pieces are...they're happily living with my plants on my dresser.

Sending you love and light,

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