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Yoga Consent Cards: Handmade Yoga Props to Improve Yoga Classes & How To Use Them

Hey, yogi!

Let me catch you up on how my Etsy Shop TheArtsyYogi is doing.

I made my first sale on a physical item!

When I first saw the order, I was shocked, I couldn’t believe someone wanted 12 of my yoga consent cards! TWELVE.

The moment I got my hands on my Cricut, I was cutting vinyl and weeding away. Within a few hours, I had a fresh set of yoga consent cards and over the next few days, I scrambled to find cute mailing supplies. Cute little bag? Check. Handwritten thank you card? Check.

I was so worried that my product wasn’t good enough. Was it clear I’m a beginner at this? What if she didn’t like the stuff I sent?

Don’t worry, everyone around me was reassuring and cheered me on the whole process. I mean, are you kidding me? I made an actual sale! To a stranger! So cool!

If you’re reading this, you may be wondering, what’s a yoga consent card?

Well, yogi, I have an answer for you: consent cards allow instructors to understand if their participants are okay with receiving hands-on adjustments during class. One side of the card says “yes” and the other says “no”. The yogi gets to make their choice in a way that’s easy for the instructor to see.

Through trainings and observation, I’ve seen other instructors cue something along the lines of “Please place your hand on your belly if you’re okay with hands-on adjustments”. I still love that they’re asking for consent, but from an instructor standpoint, how can you remember who said what in those groups?!

My perspective on this matter shifted when a couple of years ago, I walked into a yoga class and the instructor had consent cards in front of everyone’s mat. I thought it was an empowering and non-confrontational way to communicate my boundaries without worrying if the instructor would remember my choice or not.

I seek to empower instructors and yogis through my practice and art and I think creating my own consent cards is a great way to do just that.

My yoga consent cards have an acrylic coaster base that I cover with my vinyl designs from my Cricut. This yoga/pilates teacher tool is durable and portable.

I also create made-to-order cards! The order below is for a Pilates instructor. We discussed the colors, fonts, and graphics until we had the perfect design for her.

I strongly encourage instructors that enjoy giving physical adjustments or even little yogi massages during savasana to have these cards as part of their yoga gear. It’s a clear and simple way for you and your participants to communicate with one another.

Ready to order? Check out my shop! And thank you for supporting me, your favorite Orlando Private Yoga Instructor and yoga art creator. ;)

Stay empowered, my gorgeous yogi friends.

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