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Yoga With Camryn: New Certifications, Crystals, Barre & More

Updated: Mar 15

Hello, my beautiful yogi friend!

I’ve been working on expanding my wellness, fitness, and spiritual knowledge as I work towards my long-term goal of becoming a holistic healer and wellness studio owner!

Let's dive right into what I’ve been up to and what the near and far future for Yoga With Camryn looks like.

Yoga Class Curator

Holy heck I am so excited about this course. I’ve done my best to honor the deeper roots of yoga but honestly, I have so much more work to do.

One of my favorite yoga leaders is Susanna Barkataki and she’s designed this year-long self-paced course to teach other yogis to become yoga leaders as well.

Yoga in the west has been so white-washed. I know we can do better!

Since I’ve also been doing yoga since I was 12 and have been growing on my spiritual journey, I also feel I owe it to myself to expand my knowledge on this sacred practice so I can get the most healing benefits as well.

Divine Rock Box

More education! As a beginner crystal girlie that constantly has the urge to walk into crystal shops, buy what resonates, then leave them on my windowsill to charge in sunlight, I knew I wanted to level up my game.

I love supporting small businesses, especially local ones, so when my favorite Divine Wellness shop in Winter Garden showed me they have a monthly subscription box with different crystals curated for specific monthly intentions, crystal cards, a special essential oil blend, and educational materials, I handed over my credit card immediately.

Now that I have tools and tangible practices to actually expand my knowledge, I’ve noticed a shift in how I interact with my crystals and have felt significantly more connected to their frequencies.

I’ve also begun placing different crystals in different spots in my room when I feel called to do so. I have a new shelf over my bed that I’m using as an intention-setting altar. Whenever I want to call in a certain energy, I grab specific crystals, place them next to my sage and use one of the crystal cards from the subscription box to add a pretty visual.

The vibes in my room are definitely elevated which in turn flows into my day-to-day life. Always take care of your space, friends, it affects everything.


Another investment in myself!

Cricut Cutters have been on my radar for a while now but I never felt the need to purchase one. But once I started my small business, The Artsy Yogi, I knew a Cricut would allow me to create products to expand my store.

Back in December, I found a fantastic sale on these machines and finally made the leap. As we speak, I’m working on new designs, practicing with vinyl, and creating concepts for new products in my shop.

All of my products are still yoga, mindfulness, and spirituality based. Look forward to yoga consent cards for instructors and beer can glass cups with mantras.

I’m also hoping to work on tumblers! Starbies literally gives you bonus stars when you bring your reusable cup, so might as well have an adorable cup with an intentional affirmation to help you reduce your plastic usage, am I right? ;)


I’ve had my barre certification since 2020 but barely used it. It was an awkward time to get a new cert given how in-person group fitness classes weren’t as popular, especially with masks, and then I wasn’t working in fitness for a bit.

But, now that I’m at my thrilling new boujie fitness job, I’m teaching barre! It’s been so fun creating new choreography and instructing these high-intensity, low-impact workouts that are accessible for all levels.

I’ve also been looking more into fitness for high-cortisol friends and this was up there! For the longest time, I thought something was wrong with me because I didn’t feel endorphins or dopamine after a lot of my workouts. Turns out, I wasn’t using movements that benefitted my insanely high anxiety levels. I’ll talk about this more another time, but know that barre is your friend and it’s really fun too!

Reiki Level 1 Certification

If you know me, you know becoming a Reiki Master is one of my goals.

Finally, the perfect opportunity presented itself and I’ll be taking my Reiki Level 1 certification at the end of February 2023! I’m thrilled to become an energy healer and bring this new realm of healing into my yoga teachings.

This also ties in really nicely with all those crystals I’ve been investing in. ;)

Yoga With Camryn: what’s in the future?

After years of quarter-life-crisising, I’ve finally realized and accepted what my path is and that’s to become a holistic healer!

I’m not looking into opening a wellness studio anytime soon. Right now I’m just enjoying the flow of life, building my education, and exploring who I am as I continue to grow through my twenties and into my career.

Things I want to learn: (yes, it’s a long list, but hey, the Universe is full of abundance and I’m all here for it!)
Reiki - already in progress!
Much more about crystals
Fitness and hormone balancing/ fitness for high-cortisol, PCOS, and autoimmune-disordered individuals
Tarot - I’m still a beginner but as my intuition has been sharpening, I’m growing more confident
How to make the cutest Cricut products possible
Sound healing - my goodness do I want giant crystal sound bowls but bestie they are EXPENSIVE. One day!
Anti-inflammatory diets and nutrition
Fitness for pregnancy and post-partum

I also have big visions for my wellness studio. I’ve always gone back and forth with the idea of entrepreneurship but deep down I’ve always known that’s where my life was headed. I mean look at all I’ve built over here with Yoga With Camryn! It’s small but that’s entrepreneurship.

I’m not sure where I’d like to open it given that right now I’m enjoying not being tied down to a specific location and I’m also okay with being a little inconsistent with posting content, but I’m for sure letting my vision board grow.

Camryn’s Future Wellness Studio Dream Services:
Tarot readings
Clean eating cafe
Small retail shop with more of my cute cups, crystals, and books
Ayurvedic services
I would also love for my studio to have a gorgeous pool
Sound baths
Maybe even more!

Thank you for listening to my goals, friend! The future is bright. 🙂

Sending you love and light,

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